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Chandler Center for the Arts


Thank you to all who came out to Jacome Flamenco's FlaMexico! at Chandler Center for the Arts on Sunday, August 24th. It was an amazing concert with wonderfully talented artists. Photo Courtesy: Glen AZ.

Jácome Flamenco DVD

Jácome Flamenco DVD

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This DVD is one camera-man's view of a Jácome Flamenco live concert in Sacramento, CA. The DVD includes dance solos from Lena Jácome, Martín Gaxiola and Bernadette Gaxiola. Musicians include Adrian Goldenthal, Emerson Laffey, Mele Martinez and Chris Burton Jácome. Stage Manager: Casey Blake.

This DVD also includes 4 special feature vignettes of behind-the-scenes footage!

DVD is approximately 2 hours in length.


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